2006 Asia Diva Calendar

2006 Asia Diva Calendar

I thought we already featured all Asian model calendars available on the market but for some reason we missed the 2006 Asia Diva Calendar.

Besides cover model Francine Dee the calendar features Flo Jalin, Lisa Kaye, Felicia Tang, Shauna Ko, Liza B, Missy Malonzo, Sandy Saya, Michelle Lorraine, Lorabel Rey and Myrna Star. Each Model has a main picture on the top page, plus 3 more bonus photos on the numbered calendar page. Over 60 beautiful photos of the sexiest Asian Babes.

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  1. Francine Dee came out very lovely on calender Francine Dee has an increable beautiful naturally lovely pretty sexiest look her lovely features are very impressive and she carries with her good personality confident and trustful Francine Dee you are extremely the perfectest asian girl you are the primary leader in all asian and all modeling girls you deserve it very much and you are my favorite asian model

  2. I do believe oswald vidales has the same feelings towards Francine Dee as I do. She is one of my all time favorites for sure…without a doubt. And I don’t mind her nipple placement, like some. Not at all. She’s pretty flawless in my opinion, and I know some will think I’m silly for saying something like that…I can even hear the jaws dropping and the no ways, right now.

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