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Public Events

Send in your photos and comments of Sung Hi Lee's public events and be sure that more than 7,500 daily visitors can enjoy it as well. If you appreciate it, I will add your name and link if available. You can send the photos/comments to ThaNirz.

Glamourcon 24, Los Angeles (October 21-22, 2000)

Glamourcon 23, Chicago (August 19-20, 2000)

The Sanctuary Nightclub, Washington DC (June 25, 2000)

Glamourcon 20, Chicago (November 20-21, 1999)

Glamourcon 19, Los Angeles (October 16-17, 1999)

Glamourcon 15, Los Angeles (February 6-7, 1999)
Sung Hi's first Glamourcon has come and gone on February 6-7 in LA. On her website at sung-hi.com she thanks al people for coming to see her. Finally you can find the pictures at this site. Hope you will enjoy it and don't forget to thank the people who provided us the pics!

Sung Hi at Glamourcon 15 Sung Hi at Glamourcon 15

Sung Hi at Glamourcon 15 (Photography: Stuff)

North Hollywood Talent Search, Toronto (October 23, 1998)
On Friday October 23rd, Sung Hi Lee appeared in downtown Toronto as host of the North Hollywood Talent Search. Thanks to briguy, LeXXuS, and HaRdYoo2 you can find now an impression of this evening on this site!

North Hollywood Talent Search North Hollywood Talent Search

Deanne and Sung Hi at the North Hollywood Talent Search (Photography: briguy)

Club Episode, Chicago (October 16, 1998)
Sung Hi was in Chicago October 15-17th visting her brother. He's opening a new club called Episode on October 16th. According to her official website she attend the opening and met some of her fans to sign autographs. It surprised me that still nobody could confirm this - was she really in Chicago or was it just to promote the opening of Episode?

DJ Battle in Galleria Design Center, San Francisco (August 22, 1998)
Sung Hi appeared on Saturday, August 22nd 1998 on a DJ Battle in Galleria Design Center (San Francisco) featuring Pinay, M:G, Innerlude, Risa, and Drop 'n Harmony. The event was sponsored by a group known as Abzolut.

Sung Hi was a guest appearance at Abzolut's 5 Year Anniversary party signing autographs. She was there for couple of hours.

All photos are property of AsianScene, Inc

Chat with Sung Hi Lee (August 3, 1998)
Sung Hi Lee kicked off a month of sizzlin' summer special events in EXTRA Online's Summer Heatwave. Started on July 31, 1998 photos of Sung Hi and the Women of Black Pearl were launched on AOL (Photos taken from Butterfly and the East Meets West calendars. Sung Hi had a live chat in EXTRA Online on AOL Monday August 3, 1998. Here you will find the uncensured script as was recorded in line 101.

LIVE Chat with Sung Hi Lee!

Everything you always wanted to know about Sung Hi but were afraid to ask!

Battle of Imports (July 19, 1998)
Sung Hi Lee appeared at the Battle of Imports a car show on July 19, 1998 (thanks Kenley for the info).

Yolk Magazine Promotion Event (July 16, 1998)
Sung Hi Lee appeared on Thursday July 16, 1998 in the newly remodeled Club Muse (old town Pasadena, CA) to promote the Summer 1998 issue of Yolk Magazine. It was a celebration to have Sung Hi Lee come out to promote herself and an opportunity for her fans to have an opportunity to ask questions, autographs, etc. You missed the Yolk Magazine Promotion Event? Visit the special Yolk Page and read everything about the party!

Yolk Page

Flyer Yolk Magazine Promotion Event

Yolk Page Yolk Page

Yolk Magazine Promotion Event (Photography: Matt)

Korean Chat (May 1998)
Summer of 1998 was focused on Sung Hi's Korean movie A Night On the Water. During her stay in Korea (to promote the movie) she had an online chat with her Korean fans that was featured by Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic (Exclusive, Topic of the Day), a TV show at MBC.

Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic

Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic (Exclusive, Topic of the Day)

For those who can play RealVideo, MBC still has the TV show online!

Teuk Jong O Neul Ee Topic (Exclusive, Topic of the Day)

Yein, Co. Promotion Event (May 16, 1997)
In May 1997 Sung Hi Lee visited Korea to promote her Butterfly project. During her stay in Korea she appeared in many newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. The photographs below are from the Yein, Co. Promotion Event.

Yein, Co. party in Seoul (Korea), May 16, 1997 (Photography: unknown)

Yein, Co. party in Seoul (Korea), May 16, 1997 (Photography: unknown)

Yein, Co. Chat Event (May 10, 1997)
In the same period she attend a Yein, Co. Chat Event as well.

Yein, Co. chat event in Seoul (Korea), May 10, 1997 (Photography: unknown)

AOL Chat (February 13, 1996)
CLICK HERE for an edited transcript of this AOL chat (thanks stuff).

Pacific USA Charity Event (January 16, 1997)

Pacific USA Charity Event (Photography: unknown)

Juki Promotion Event (December 22, 1996)
On December 22, 1996 Center Stage hosted an Eternal Bliss party at The World Night Club in Hollywood. The event was promoted by Juki.

Eternal Bliss party, December 1996 (Photography: Dave Wen)

Black Pearl Productions Promotion Events (November-December 1996)
At the end of 1996, Black Pearl Productions held several promotion events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The events were, for example, at the Sound Factory Club and the Stonestown Galleria Tower Records store (December 7, 1996). Some of you might remember the signed copy of the East Meets West 1997 Calendar of Stan Wong from that time!

Autographed photos (Courtesy of: Stan Wong)

Autographed photos (Courtesy of: Johnny Lee)

AOL Chat (November 21, 1996)
CLICK HERE for an edited transcript of this AOL chat (thanks stuff).

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