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The links in this section will be verified from time to time. However, as George Mann already mentioned some time ago, a lot of Sung Hi Lee web pages live only short lives on Geocities and AOL. There are only a few who have withstood the tests of time!

Here you will find only the best Sung Hi sites on the net. The rating is based on originality, design, frequency of updates, content, and last but not least ratio of content vs banners. Webmasters offering a reciprocal link can submit their website for review to ThaNirz. Note that I'll add only websites that receives at least one star!

The Official Sites

Sung Hi's Sanctuary

    Sung Hi Lee's Sanctuary is a pretty good site. It's obvious that Misha (webmaster of Lisa Boyle's site) put a lot of work in the layout and the graphics. Perhaps it is a bit to fem with all these soft colors and butterflies but hey that's just my personal opinion. Probably other people like it this way.

    A more detailed review of Sung Hi's website can be found HERE!

Black Pearl Productions

    Kim Mizuno's site has been the official Sung Hi website for a long time and still is a must if you want to get Sung Hi's book and older calendars. Besides Sung Hi, Kim is featuring Patricia Ford, Alley Baggett, Dita, and others. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated lately.

    A more detailed review of Kim Mizuno's website can be found HERE!

Pacific USA

    Adam Yurman's site is where it all started some years ago. Nowadays you can find an impression of his portfolio with images of the most beautiful Asian models on the net. Adam has definitely an eye for the essence of female beauty but as is the case for Kim Mizuno's website, Adam hasn't updated his site lately.

    A more detailed review of Adam Yurman's website can be found HERE!


    Do I need to say anything about these guys? Not a bad site imho :)
    A huge list of websites related to playboy stuff can be found HERE!
Lisa Boyle's Official Website

    Definitely one of the best official model sites on the net! Frequent updates, high quality pics, and last but not least a huge model archive with Sung Hi!

The Best

Joe's Pride of Korea

    Joe's Pride of Korea is the one and only source for the official Sung Hi scans. Every week new scan series are uploaded together with an update of his own scans! His collection of scans is amazing and I'm glad to be his friend!
Sung Hi's Wallpaper Heaven

    Groggyfrog's graphical scales are impressive and without doubt of great value to all Sung Hi fans. Currently you will find more than 35 Sung Hi wallpapers on his site!
Korean Picture Archive

    Great Korean Sung Hi site with more than 50 pics. I was impressed by both the layout and content when I visited this site for the first time. Perhaps a bit too slow but definitely worthwhile to visit!
Asian Model Palace

    Asian Model Palace is a well designed site with several Asian model galleries incl. Sung Hi Lee (60+ pics).
AwishStar's Sung Hi Lee Beauty In Motion

    Awishstar's site is definitely one of the largest Sung Hi archives on the net. Currently you will find almost 300 pics. A must if you want to update and/or verify your collection of Sung Hi pictures!
From Russia with Love

    We've seen a lot of good and bad Sung Hi fansites but as far as I know this one is the first from Russia. You will find a bio (at least I think it's a bio) and more than 70 pictures. Not a bad site imho...

The Rest

George Mann's Sung Hi Lee's Website Links

    George's famous list of website links. Originally started with the Treasure Hunt - the illustrated part of his website - he is now more focussed on adult sites in general. Too many banners imho but still a valuable source for new sites!
Korean Butterfly Sung Hi Lee

    New home for Korean Butterfly. Nice design and great graphics as usual and now also with a gallery! If he will update it frequently it could be an interesting site with possibilities to become one of the best!
JGirl's Unofficial Sung Hi Lee Fan Page

    JGirl's Sung Hi page with a short bio, more than 50 pics, and some links.
Dark Prince's Sung Hi Lee page

    Nice website with a short biography, 40+ pics, and links. His idea to rate websites inspired me to do something similar.
Freeones Sung Hi Galleries

    Nice website with links and more than 50 pics in 12 different galleries.
Knetik's Sung Hi Lee Shrine

    A nice Sung Hi site from down under with info, pics, links and more! He still has to update his links to the video files but definitely a site worthwhile to visit.
The Sky's Limit Tribute to Sung Hi Lee

    Well designed website with more than 50 pics, some autographed photos and links.
Stan Wong's Shrine of Sung Hi Lee

    Stan's originally Sung Hi Shrine with bio, info, interview, more than 40 pics and links. Still a great site although it hasn't been updated lately.
Sung Hi Lee Pix Blast

    Nice site with more than 150 pics of Sung Hi in 8 galleries.
WYW Fanclub's Sung Hi Lee Pages

    Nice site with over 40 pics of Sung Hi (also in zip format).

    KGirls has become popular recently among fans of various Korean and Japanese models. For some reason he moved recently the Sung Hi archive to the members area (huh?). Although the site has a nice layout it's damned slow and has too many popup windows.
Women of the 90's

    Nice clean website with pics of women of the 90's (incl. Sung Hi).
Filasport's Sung Hi Lee Arkive

    Definitely one of the biggest archives on the net (350+ pics). It hasn't been updated since November 1998 but still it's worthwhile to visit filasport's website!

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