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Butterfly (May 1997)
Butterfly is Sung Hi's one and only photobook ever released. It contains 80+ high quality photos. Photographer Kim Mizuno shot Sung Hi on different location in California (The Mermaid in Topanga Canyon, Malibu Beach, Mojave Desert, CM Color Lab Studio in LA, and Hollywood Blvd) over a period of two months. The design of the cover and layout was done by Byung Kyu Jcong (Chung Design) and the book was published by Chun-Ma (Seoul, Korea) in May 1997. This book was the fastest and hottest selling book in Korea and has sinced been banned.

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Sung Hi in Butterfly (Photography: Kim Mizuno)

Black Pearl Productions still sells Kim Mizuno's Butterfly. The photobook is $39.95 + 6.00 shipping and handling.

Yellow Butterfly of Hollywood (April 1997)

Yellow Butterfly of Hollywood is Sung Hi's biography and is written as part of her Korean Butterly project early 1997. It contains a prologue, 11 chapters, and an appendix (266 pages) about her life. Editor of the book Seung Ah Oh went to the US and spent a few weeks with Sung Hi to collect all data. The first edition of the book was published by Kim Jong Hae on April 29, 1997.

Table of contents

Prologue ————— 16

1. Twenty-seven 'Playboy Model' Sung Hi Lee

    Goddess of Cyber, 'Nude Model' Sung Hi Lee ————— 22
    Nude model chosen by netizen
    Porno? No, It's art ————— 25
    The first Asian Playboy Cover Girl / Book Of Lingerie / Hold Breath In Front Of The Camera
    12 Facial Expressions, Sung Hi Lee ————— 29
    There Was No Solo Calendar For An Asian Model
    Finally, As A Heroine Of Hollywood ————— 32
    Picked Up At LAX / Can't Because Of Short Height? / The Lesson Of 'Mortal Kombat 2' / Enter The Hollywood
    'Brut Advertisement' and Sports Star ————— 36
    My Sweet Valentine ————— 41

2. America, Drifting In The Land Of Opportunities

    Sung Hi In Wonderland ————— 44
    February 19, 1978 / Open, Sesame! / Sesame Street
    I Need A Friend ————— 48
    Boy Named "Corey" / Due To Color Of Skin
    Looking At The End Of The World By Myself ————— 55
    I Want To Live Like An American / The Ugly Duckling / Seven Stepmothers
    Sweet Poison-Like Freedom ————— 59
    Rented Basement Apartment In Washington, Those Scary Memories ————— 61
    Luck Was Meant To Come ————— 63
    A Meeting With Jim Whitehead / As A Scholarship Student Of OSU Medical School
    Search For My True Life ————— 67
    From Leaving The Medical School To New York / Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Contest

3. Conquer The American Show Business Industry!

    Conquer The Big Apple (New York) ————— 72
    Why That Small? / Maxwell House Coffee
    Ways To Live In L.A. ————— 74
    Finding A Good Agent
    Audition Story ————— 76
    Music Videos Of Coolio • Kriss Kross And MTV ————— 81
    New TV Mini-Series 'Practice' ————— 83
    A Tie With Playboy ————— 85
    Take The Clothes Off?
    To Those Younger Generation Who Dream To Be A Model Star ————— 87

4. To Be Successful As An Asian Model Actress

    Pride To Represent Minority ————— 92
    Fantasy Of Asian Women That Still Exists ————— 94
    Orientalism Of American Men / Double Shackles - Asian Woman
    Sunghi - But My Name Is Sung Hi Lee (Seung-hee Lee) ————— 97
    I Want To Change Hollywood ————— 99

5. Family, Building Blocks On That Name

    Looking Down At My Country-Town Home From Top Of A Tree —————104
    Father Who Was Faraway ————— 107
    Grandma, My Grandma ————— 112
    Emptyness Of My Mother ————— 116
    24 Year Old Boyfriend ————— 121
    Dreaming Of My Future Family ————— 126

6. Love, always

    While Holding 1981 Centerfold ————— 130
    A Pebble From My Schooldays ————— 131
    First Kiss With First Love ————— 133
    Nine Inch Nails, Anthony ————— 139
    That Man Who I Saw On TV ————— 146
    What About Sex? ————— 155
    One Night Love?
    Half Of Myself ————— 158

7. Playboy - It's My Right To Strip

    Nude, Here In America ————— 162
    First Day To Shoot Nude ————— 163
    After Becoming A Playboy Model ————— 165
    Secret Temptation / Is Sung Hi A Playboy Girl?
    Interview With A Nude Model ————— 167
    To Become A Playboy Model / Preparation Before The Shoot / Relationship With The Photographer? / Time Of Shooting? / Meal In The Middle Of Shooting? / Interest Of Working? / Is That All? / Any Other Last Stories?
    Is Playboy A Porno Magazine? ————— 171
    Pamela Sue Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy / Pride To Be A Playmate
    Secret Of Fascination ————— 173
    As A Feminist ————— 175
    I Do Not Think Like That

8. Women, Be Free

    Experience That I Recommend, Independent Life ————— 178
    A Way To Live Alone ————— 182
    Economic Independence / Safety / Responsibility / Loneliness / Together With A Roomate / Best Roomate
    Get Rid Of A Dream Of Noble Single Life ————— 182
    Purchasing Cosmetics And Clothes / Life / Preparing A Dinner Party At Home / At Dates / Professional Girlfriend
    About Living Together Before The Marriage ————— 193

9. An Attic In My Heart

    I Like Madonna ————— 198
    Like Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman / Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Couples ————— 199
    Butterfly In My Body, Butterfly In My Heart ————— 201
    One Night, Sitting Alone In Front Of A Mirror ————— 203
    Sung Hi Lee Cocktail ————— 204
    The Flinstones ————— 206
    Cindy Crawford Of The Orient ————— 208
    Just say No ————— 210
    Things I Love ————— 212
    Self-Protrait In Front Of A Destiny ————— 213

10. Korea, Country That I Yearn

    Well English Speaking Actress, Opposite Role Of A Top Star ————— 213
    Diary Of Visiting Korea After 17 Years ————— 218
    My View Of Korea / Green Glow Of Grassland / 'The Living Reed'
    In Between The East And The West ————— 223
    Unfitting Factors To Be An American ————— 225

11. Like A Thunderstorm, Like A Rainbow

    Until 30 Years Old ————— 228
    My Aim Is Hollywood / At The Acting School / Predicament Of Modeling As A Side Job
    Internet - Thousands Of Pupils Looking At Me ————— 228
    I Want To Be Happy. That's All. ————— 236
    Life Story Of A 27 Year Old ————— 238
    Movie-like Fortune / Finally To My Homeland / L.A. Story

Appendix - Beauty Advice For An Unique Beauty

    Secret Is Being Natural ————— 246
    Hair / Make-up / Fitness
    From Head To Toe ————— 252
    Underwear / Swimsuit / Fashion / Accessories / Perfume / How About Colognes For Men? / Shoes
    Balancing The Figure With Eating Much As You Want? ————— 257
    I'm A Big Eater? / Sung Hi Lee Style Diet / Dieting Too Far Is Troublesome / Is Model A Skinny Person?
    When You Are Yourself Is Most Beautiful ————— 261
    Style / Fashion Fundamentals / Self-Esteem / Designer Collection
    Do You Want To Hide? ————— 263
    Inferiority Complex Of External Features / What Are The Inferior Complexes Of Asians?
    Peeking At A Model ————— 266
    Being Sexy Is To Be Alive

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