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It seems that the bal is running for Sung Hi's movie career. After A Night On the Water, Error in Judgement, Nurse Betty, and That Summer in LA she recently shoot for the movie Chain of Command and the new US TV show Good vs Evil (drama/comedie). Check out this page frequently for the latest info!

Nearly Yours
Sung Hi just recently did a pilot for NBC half-hour comedy series Nearly Yours. It is a sitcom about a woman (Heather Burns) with a really uptight boss (Rob Morrow?). Sung Hi play a character named Kelly who is a friend of the main character. Nearly Yours is directed by James Burrows (Emmy winner for Frasier and Cheers) and produced by Dreamworks. If NBC like it, they will pick it up in January 1999.

Sung Hi in That Summer in LA
Sung Hi plays Jacky in That Summer of LA. Interested in the summary of this movie that will be released in Fall 1999?

That Summer of LA That Summer of LA

Sung Hi in That Summer in LA

Sung Hi in Nurse Betty
Neil LaBute and Sung Hi Sung Hi booked a small role in the movie Nurse Betty. This new comedy, that is directed by Neil LaBute (Your Friends & Neighbors, In the Company of Men), featured Chris Rock, Rene Zellweger, Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear. Nurse Betty may still be released in the Fall of 1999 though it also has a tentative release date of Summer 2000.

Sung Hi in Error of Judgement
The tense psychological thriller, directed by Scott Levy, Error in Judgement (with stars Joe Mantegna, Kate Jackson, and Sung Hi Lee) has been released on video. So far I only have found it at Block Buster Australia (check new releases April '99). The movie has been broadcasted on several European TV channels recently (France, Germany) so I guess more countries will follow soon. If you are interested in additional info and some vidcaps, don't forget to visit the updated Error in Judgement page!

Sung Hi in Error in Judgement

Mortal Kombat Conquest
Sung Hi appeared recently in 4 episodes of Mortal Kombat Conquest, the 22 episode live action TV series.

Sung Hi in In Kold Blood (Mortal Kobat Conquest)

A Night On the Water
Sung Hi Lee's movie A Night On the Water (Woorim Movie Production) was released in South Korea on May 30, 1998. The movie, directed by Jung Soo Kang, was filmed both in Korea and Canada.

Unfortunately the video is still not available outside Korea but you can buy the video cd now for a special online price of 29.95 US dollars. It is offered by U.S. Midway, Inc. I don't know how many copies they have in stock so if you really want it, don't wait too long.

Sung Hi in A Night On the Water

FYI, the video cd consists of a two disc set (mpeg and dvd compatible) and plays on any PC or Macintosh Computer. The language is English with Korean subtitles.

For those who missed last years special at www.yein.co.kr, I've put it online at asian-sirens.com. The review is written in Korean but I guess you will enjoy the images :)

Although Sung Hi called the movie rather artistic and romantic than erotic, it is being promoted by Woorim Movie as an erotic melodrama. The story line is moderate, but I definitely enjoyed Sung Hi's role. After Playboy's Girls of Hawaiian Tropic this is a must have!!!

Midnight Blue
It was also confirmed that Sung Hi portrayed a prostitute in the movie Midnight Blue (Playboy Entertainment Group, 1996). It was broadcasted late 1998 in the US on a late night cable.

FYI, The Living Reed (1995), Free Fall (1997), and Hae Dang Hwa (1997) all fell through and are unreleased.

List of Appearances

  • Nearly Yours (TV, [NBC])
  • Black Scorpion (TV, guest starring)
  • Mortal Kombat (TV, guest starring)
  • Pensacola: Wings of Gold (TV [EYEMARK Entertainment], Episode #110, 1998)
  • Weapons of Mass Distraction (TV [HBO], 1997)
  • Head Over Heels (TV [Columbia TriStar], Episode ?, Fall 1997)
  • Soul Mates (Working Title) (TV [FOX], Episode ?, 1997)
Check The Internet Movie Database Ltd for more info about Sung Hi Lee movies.

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