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St. Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, 1997

There is a commercial advertisement that is starting to be broadcast across the nation on this year's St. Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, 1997. Fancy camera work and bold screen angles that remind one of a music video, a short haired female singer with challenging glitter from the eyes is singing an alternative new rock song in a low voice from wide open space just like the roof of a tall building. Winter of California is shining from the frames of a non-stop moving camera with her attractive low-pitched voice.

An image of girls is being shown. There are four. Two Whites, one Black, and one Asian. The camera is approaching them. Then it starts to switch back and forth from color to black-and-white. Girls are traversing in the black-and-white view of the city with roaring voices.

Girls are sky-diving, roller-blading, running hard, hanging from the ropes and flying the air. There is a feeling of an energy. There is a feeling of power.

At this moment, there are 4 girls in a color screen. They are screaming. They are shouting like their faces are being shattered. Screaming to break something. A black-and-white image reappears and they throw their bodies without any fear and they run like they are flying between the tall buildings. Then, a close-up of a soft hand holding a white bird.

Afterwards, they are still running around in the black-and-white screen. Energy, power and challenge.

Four girls are screaming again enough to make the ears feel numb. A camera is running toward and away from them in different angles without a chance to relax. A strange echoey vocal, their roars running on top of it, and their young selves not worrying about their shattered faces.

The girl all the way on the left is getting my attention. Knitted hat, sleeveless hood shirt, tight pants. Screaming with her face shoving toward the camera with an angry look while holding her fist hard. Her violent motion is about to come out from the Braun tube.

However, her face is not focused on the fast moving screen. A face that can be seen if looked at very close near the TV. Black hair, torn-shape of her eyes, facial bones that are sticking out more than usual.

Right. She is an Asian, the ugliest of the four. That is me. Myself, Sung Hi Lee, twenty-seven year old, Korean.

St. Valentine's Day is the prologue in Sung His biography Hollywoods Yellow Butterfly (translated by Yong Jae Jung). It is about her appearance in the Mountain Dew commercial.

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