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Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

commercial in mov. format!

More than a year after it broke Thank Heaven is still asked about. People want to know everything about this Mountain Dew commercial. They want director, creatives, music, edit, who's that nut basejumping off the tower, I mean everything. The "Dew Girls" (with Sung Hi Lee) are not sweet little things, these girls are EXTREME. Sam Bayer of Mars Media and BBDO/NY brought out a quick, driving, thrill ride that seems to spark a new flurry of calls every time it goes into rotation. A quick breakdown of the stunts: snowboarding off a 60 foot cliff, basejumping off a 1400 foot radio towerb rollerblading, behind a helicopter, across building rooftops. Creative Credits at BBDO/NY go to: Exec CD Michael Patti, Senior CD/Writer Bill Bruce, and CD/Art Director Doris Cassar. The producer was Gary Delemeester. On the production side, Director/ Cameraman Sam Bayer had the eye for action. The spot was edited at Spot Welder by Robert Duffy, and special effects were done by Sight Effects. Other post effects were completed at Pacific Ocean Post.

The crucial musical element, an update of Thank Heaven for Little Girls - a rendition of Maurice Chevalier's Thank Heavens for Little Girls - was provided by the band Ruby from Seattle, with vocalist Leslie Rankine. In closing allow us to paraphrase the Dew Dudes " We think you're in love" and lasting love like this is hard to find in the ad biz these days.

Check out the Thank Heaven For Little Girls commercial in mov. format at: http://www.tc.umn.edu/.

The Mountain Dew commercial is aired in Europe as a Pepsi Cola commercial and is still running on e.g. the Dutch TV!

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