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Wasabigirls goes commercial!

Shaijn @ Wasabigirls! It didn't really surprise me, when Shaijn told me recently that she would start a member section. I can't blame her to try to make some money if you keep in mind all the work she and the other Wasabigirls have done in the past few months.

I asked her recently, what we fans might expect from the member section at Wasabigirls.

At the grand opening she starts with a big surprise for all Sung Hi fans. She will release 20 never before seen nude photos of this former Black Pearl model. Hmmm, perhaps we will finally get those uncensored Butterfly pictures? The first featured model, Natasha Yi, is no big surprise for the Wasabigirls fans but I must admit that I can hardly wait to see the 20 new nude photos of her. Furthermore, she will release 10 new photos of Sheila Rosario plus an interview. She didn't answer my question, weather or not she will ever pose nude for the member section. I'm sure that's just a matter of time :-)

The initial membership fee is $9.95 USD/month and promises an update twice a month. For the near future we might expect photo shoots from Sasha Singleton, Thao Nyguen (past Book of Lingerie Model), Lynn Thomas, and Lisa Marie Scott.

Shaijn, Natasha, Rosario and all other Wasabigirls good luck!


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