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Asian Sirens 2003 Calendars

The past few years I've reviewed with pleasure almost every Asian Model calendar available on the market. Due to private reasons I did not reviewed the 2002 calendars but this year I'm back!

Hope you enjoy it and please let me know your opinion about this years calendars!

East West 2003 Calendar

$12.99 USD
11" x 14"

East West

Photographer: Kim Mizuno

Cover girl: Lena Li

Also: Natasha, Sandy, Sasha, June, Cheryl, Thuy, Christine, Lexi, Ai and Jina. And as a bonus, they included some never before seen photos of favorite East West models, Sung Hi, Sheila, Brooke, Francine and Kailani.

ThaNirz' Comments: Kim's East West Calendar is absolutely the top and a must have for Asian Sirens collectors!

$12.95 USD

Pacific USA

Photographer: Adam Yurman

Cover girl: Felicia Tang

Also: Kaila Yu, Nadia & Vickie

ThaNirz' Comments: Pacific USA began back in 1994 by launching the first all Asian American calendar and Adam is still doing a great job. A must have!

$14.95 USD
12" x 24"

Asian Allure

Photographer: John Louie
Designer: Thomas Kuoh

Cover girl: Jenilyn

Also: Jenilyn (Jan), Jessica Christine(Feb), Yuki(Mar), Caroline(Apr), Mai (May), Jennifer Tia (Jun), Helena (Jul), Betty (Aug), Roanna (Sep), Vannessa (Cover, Oct), Lisa (Nov), and Jasmin (Dec).

ThaNirz' Comments: Remember the Asian Sirens Calendar of 2001? Once again John came up with a great Asian Allure Calendar!

$12.95 USD
9" x 12"

Asian Angels

Photographer: Zev Manor

Cover girls: Helena Lee, Nikki Chao, Candy Song

Also: Helena Lee, Diana Sang, Nikki Chao, Candy Song, Aiko Tanaka, and Tia Kai

ThaNirz' Comments: Zev invites you to puruse through 16 pages of this 9x12 calendar, spotlighting 6 of the hottest Asian models sin-sationally dressed in their smooth silky skin only... What can I add to that?

$12.99 USD
12" x 12"

Island Eyes

Photographer: Greg Dubuque

Cover girl: Sharon Sotto

Also: Dee Tran, Laura Khoe, Alisha Kai, Diana Le, Linda Tran, Joyce Lex, Rowena Cho, Christine Mendoza, and Aiko Tanaka.

ThaNirz' comments: The Island Eyes 2003 Calendar was shot in Hawaii and that's something you will definitely notice!

$12.99 USD
12" x 12"


Photographer: Greg Hadel

Cover girls: Rowena Galam, Yumi Lee, Linda Tran

Also: Miya McIntyre, Flo Jalin, Linda Tran, Jynki Cruz, Rowena Galam, Yumi Lee, Jasmine Fox Li, Diana Sang, Rashel Piazza, Maureen Hoang, Katherine Thom, Diana Le and Dee Tran

ThaNirz' Comments: Not seen yet

$12.95 USD
8.5" x 11"

Lingerie Dreams

Photographer: Alex Robinson

Cover girls: Tila Nguyen, Linda Tran, Lisa Kaye, and Yumi Lee

Also: Cherie Roberts, Jasmine Fox Li, Honey Sweet Hannah, Stacey Lee, Dee Tran, Brandee Marino, Tia Kai, Cijae Kai, Helena Lee

ThaNirz' Comments: Great Calendar!


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