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Interview with Sandy Jordan

Sandy Jordan (Photography: Micheal Cairns) She was born on October 9, 1973 in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently lives in Sunny Florida. She was featured at Asian Sirens Hot Spots in December 2000 and her popularity increased enormeous since then. Time for Asian Sirens to sit down and have an interview with coming star Sandy Jordan!


Asian Sirens: Hi Sandy, first of all let me tell you that it is an honour for me to have you on Asian Sirens!

When did you actually started with modeling?

Sandy: I was 21 when I was asked by a photographer to take some pictures. I always wanted to be a model but I was very shy.

Asian Sirens: What photographers have you worked with so far?

Sandy: The very first photographer was Micheal Cairns he approached me at work and asked if I was a model he took most of my pictures for my portfolio. Heath McKenzie approached me at a nite club in Atlanta, Ga I use him a lot for my website also, I submitted some photos to Kim Mizuno Playboy photographer who took some photos for his East West calendar 2002. Kelly So is a friend of mine who is a photographer she has taken a few of the sets that are on my website. I just recently worked with Lisa Boyle and Misha who took the recent photos that are on Sung Hi's website.

Sandy @ Sandy @

Asian Sirens: Your photos on the website are very professional. Some of them are shot in public, can you tell me something about these photoshoots?

Sandy: Heath McKenzie has taken most of my photos for my website he picks locations in public. He likes to take pictures in public for effect. It is hard to take nude photos when people are watching. Most of the photo shoots draw a crowd. I have a girlfriend who takes the rest she also likes to take pictures in public places.

Sandy @ Sandy @ Sandy @

Asian Sirens: I'm sure it will not take a long time before magazines like Playboy and Perfect 10 will recognise your beauty but what are your ambitions for the future?

Sandy: I just got a call from Playboy to take photos for Special Editions with Jarmo in South Beach Miami. Cross your fingers I always wanted to be in Playboy.

Asian Sirens: When did you actually started with your website and what are your plans with it in the near future?

Sandy: I started my website one year ago. I went through a few designers and a couple websites. I am looking for someone to design me a cool website (e-mail: I want to be a professional model. If my modeling career does not work out I want to be a kindergarden teacher.

Asian Sirens: Are you often online and if so what are your favorite sites?

Sandy: I am online a lot. I frequent Asian Sirens, Lisa Boyles, and Sung Hi's site. I think they are beautiful! I would like to be half the model they are. I have met a lot of friends like Foreverlinda, Kaila Yu and Linda Tran and would love to work with them in the future!

Asian Sirens: What is your favorite music?

Sandy: I love all kinds of Music! Especially house, dance and trance. I love DJ's spinning, good music that you can dance too. Every Friday and Saturday night you can find me at your local club dancing my ass off! Don't be shy! come dance with me!

Asian Sirens: And your favotite movies?

Sandy: Pretty Woman is my all time favorite! Also I love E.T and Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt! I cry ever time I see it!

Asian Sirens: What are your favorite things to do in a free weekend?

Sandy: Dance! Dance! Dance!

Asian Sirens: Hmmm, I think I will take the first plane from Amsterdam to Florida to meet you in the club :-)


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