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Interview with Kristen Muranaga

Kristen Muranaga At around 1'oclock am on June 3, 1974 a feisty 4th generation (Yonsei) Japanese baby girl was born in the Los Angeles Hospital. Little did they know she would grow up to be such a typical Gemini, otherwise they might have reconsidered conceiving at the time they did. =)

This month King did an interview with this beautiful girl known as Kristen Muranaga!


King: Hi Kristen how are you?
Kristen: Doing good King, how about you?
King: one tired puppy dawg
King: You have been a busy woman lately huh?
Kristen: Yes, I have been fairly busy, it always seems to get busy during this time of year...:-)
King: I hear ya

King: lets go back in time a wee bit to the Asian Sirens Expo
Kristen: Ok, take me back!
King: How did you like the expo?
Kristen: I enjoyed it, time seems to fly at those events. It's nice to play "catch up" with the other ladies and meet new people.
King: Do you attend a lot of shows?
Kristen: I try to, but there's always those few that I seem to miss
King: I guess it would be hard to be at everything
Kristen: Yes, especially when there are two events on the same day, and I'm forced to choose! :-)
King: hehehehehehe

King: What got you into modeling?
Kristen: Hmm, a friend actually got me into modeling, she was with an agency at the time and brought me in with her to view some of the images she had taken at a photoshoot. By the time I left the agency I was signed with them and had already done my first photoshoot there.
King: What type of photoshoots did you start out with?
Kristen: I started out with more glamour type of stuff (short dresses, skirts, tube tops), then I progressed to swimsuits, lingerie- and now, well you all know where I am now..:-) Down to the bare~
King: thank goodness for evolution
King: I read somewhere that you count Sung Hi lee as one of your modeling heroines; why and is there any other models that you admire?
Kristen: Sung-Hi Lee is very successful and has really brought Asian beauty into the light. She's taken us away from the 'typical Asian look' . Aside from all that beauty she's very down to earth.
Kristen: Any other models that I admire... Linda Tran- she's very professional, creative and does an awesome job in front of the camera.
King: I know that you did a few shoots for her site. I bet you had a good chance to learn stuff from her
Kristen: It was fun shooting for her site, I enjoy watching other models shoot -cause as many times as I've done photoshoots I always seem to pick something new up watching others move.
King: so you like doing the Playboy-type shoots...any aspirations of being in Playboy someday?
Kristen: Yes, I would say 90% of my photos are Playboy style nudity. Of course I do aspire to be in Playboy one day.
King: I know I would happily forgo a chunk of my beer money to buy a stack of issues if you made it in

King: speaking of your photos let's talk about your site,
King: What do you have to offer on your site besides the beautiful photos of yourself?
Kristen: In my members area I have steamy "girlfriends" photos in which I duo up with another model to provide you all with sexy girl/girl images. I have a Private Auction section where my members can bid on lingerie worn in specific photosets, what else..? My live web cam chats! Those are so fun, I have weekly chats, where I am live on the web cam for 2 hours.... there's more but I'd rather you come by and check it out then have me tell you! :-)
King: who are some of the "girlfriends" you have had guest on the site?
Kristen: My first featured girlfriend was Lindsay B., she does very little nudity so I was fortunate to get her on my site. I've also had Linda Lee as well as Akira :-)
King: hmmm definitely a lovely selection

King: What else do you have planned for your modeling career?
Kristen: There's more to come!
Kristen: I am actually very happy where I am at. I plan on continuously working on my site and doing whatever work comes along on the side :-)
King: and what else can your fans expect from you in 2001?
Kristen: I hope to do more traveling in the upcoming year and meet my members from all around
King: I know I for one would look forward to that hehehe
King: well before we end this is there anything you want to say your fans?
Kristen: I want to thank everyone who has been there to support me; it's given me so much drive to continue on. I love you guys so much!!
King: WOO HOO!!

King: Well thank you very much for your time Kristen, I hope that you have a wonderful time during the holidays and that the New Year brings you tons of success and happiness :-)
Kristen: Thank you and best wishes to you as well!


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