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The member site for ( has been around for almost a year and during this time it has gone through a lot of change. The site started out with a front page that looked much like a teahouse and a few photo shoots with a few stories. The front page now has a sleek, modern look that looks like it was put together by a team of designers where it was done just by one person. The site is updated about 2-3 times per month on average and it's not all photos. The thing that has remained a constant during this time is its beautiful webmistress/owner Kiko Wu.

Kiko does the site herself and does a phenomenal job on it. She has designed the site herself since the beginning. It is very easy to navigate around and has a lot to offer on it. She has her own message board in the member section which she posts to regularly to the delight of her fans. The photo shoots are either of her going solo with her toys or a sensual softcore series to hardcore stuff of Kiko getting it on with her beautiful female friends. A recent update even had a photo shoot of Kiko with adult film star Kia which needless to say was very HOT! If that is not enough for you, the movie clips will definitely leave you panting for more. Kiko works very hard to make her members happy with the site content and is very good about doing requests for photo shoots. She answers her emails within a day or two, which is great to have someone concerned about making her customers happy instead of a lot of sites nowadays that just seem to be churned out with no regard for the customer.

Kiko in corset Kiko in red gown and sexy black lingerie Kiko in red glamor

This was the first paysite that I joined which was about 8 months ago and it is the best site I have been to and I always look forward to the new goodies in her updates. With all the work that Kiko puts into it, it is well worth the $15 monthly fee. For the price of a large pizza and a couple bottles of soda you get access to a site that is updated a few times per month with photo shoots as well as movie clips. Kiko is even working on doing a vidcam member chat which will make her site all the more enjoyable to be a member of. On a scale of 1-10, Kiko's site gets a resounding 10! So check it when you can and you won't be sorry!

Reviewer: kingomiami


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