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Asian Sirensí interview with Flower Interview with Flower

Flower is a 24 years old former social science major who entered the adult video scene a few years ago. She was recently featured in Playboy's "Night Calls" but she is better known from her hardcore photoshoots and adult movies.

This month you can find the first exclusive Asian Sirens Interview. Badboy talked with Flower during her visit at the Crazy Horse in San Fransisco (March, 2000).


Asian Sirens: How did you get started in the adult entertainment industry?
Flower: I was working too hard in the real estate business and wanted a change.

A.S.: What made you decide to quit college?
Flower: As much as I would appreciate the education, I didn't have any use for a degree necessarily.

A.S.: In the interview you did with Hard Copy, you mentioned that you see yourself as a role model for young girls? Can you elaborate a bit more on this?
Flower: I see myself as a role model for young girls in the area of self-strength and determination to change the minds of others by my actions. I want women to be able to be feminine and sexy, but also respected for those same qualities.

A.S.: What is your advice to a girl considering entering the adult entertainment industry?
Flower: Be very careful!

A.S.: Who are your role models?
Flower: Early American and English women writers.

A.S.: What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?
Flower: Writing, reading, and anything outdoors.

A.S.: What is your favorite mainstream movie?
Flower: The Lover

A.S.: What is your favorite adult video?
Flower: I donít have one.

A.S.: What kind of magazines do you like to read?
Flower: Kiplingers and Bon Apetit

A.S.: What is your favorite color?
Flower: Black

A.S.: What is your favorite flower?
Flower: Orchid

A.S.: Who are your favorite artists?
Flower: Renoir and Rob Zombie!

A.S.: What is your favorite kind of food?
Flower: Anything exotic!

A.S.: What is your ideal place for a vacation?
Flower: Somewhere nobody else is! Secluded beach, desert & mountains

A.S.: What kind of qualities do you look for in a guy (potential romantic interest)?
Flower: Intelligence, maturity, and spirituality.

A.S.: In your line of work, how do you deal with jealousy issues with romantic interests?
Flower: I donít normally; I donít have the time to teach men to trust me.

A.S.: What is the wildest place(s) you have ever had sex?
Flower: Driving in the car. At a restaurant.

A.S.: Do you have a favorite position for sex? If so, which one (or ones)?
Flower: I canít give it all away.

A.S.: If you had full control over shooting your ideal adult video, what would it be like?
Flower: Crazy! Action-packed with metal music.

A.S.: You are very fit as evidenced from your awesome stage show at Crazy Horse. Can you let us in on your exercise routine?
Flower: Kickboxing

A.S.: You are also truly a great dancer. How long have you been dancing? Did you dance at all before doing videos while you were in college?
Flower: I have been dancing for 4 years and I didnít dance at all while in college.

A.S.: What kind of music do you like? I noticed you use heavy metal / hard rock while dancing.
Flower: Everything from Opera to tribal music to metal.

A.S.: According to your Hard Copy interview, you were voted most likely to succeed in high school. Do you still keep in contact with high school friends and what has been their reaction to your career choice?
Flower: Yes, I still have friends from school who are proud of me.

A.S.: Hard Copy says that getting into the adult entertainment industry was a fantasy of yours. If this is true, when did you first start having this kind of fantasy?
Flower: I donít remember them saying that about me. I think it must have been Julie Ashton.

A.S.: I noticed you have been doing a lot of modeling and more mainstream work lately. What are your longer term career goals and interests at this point?
Flower: To retire!

A.S.: Your official websites and the brand new are very impressive. Could you explain the difference between the two? Also, how involved are you with both of these websites?
Flower: is an amateur site while is my creative outlet off-stage J I do nearly everything for my fan site. I handle all the email, changes, billing, etc. (note has been renamed )

A.S.: You are obviously Eurasian but can you let us in on your exact ethnicities? My first guess is half Japanese based on your name Myoko which was mentioned in the Hard Copy interview but some people say you are half Chinese based on your (former?) stage name China Flower.
Flower: China Flower was never my stage name but was concocted by the Market Street Cinema for their own reasons, of which I donít know. I am half Japanese and half Welsh (English). (Catherine Zeta-Jones is Welsh)

A.S.: You have a very interesting tattoo on your lower back. Can you tell us more about it and why you got it?
Flower: It is a very spiritual symbol to me.

A.S.: Breast augmentation seems to be very popular for models and adult stars and it is a breath of fresh air to see someone like yourself who is all natural. Did you ever consider breast augmentation when you started your career and if so what made you decide not to? If you never considered it, has it been more difficult initially to find work in the adult industry?
Flower: I havenít and wonít ever think about or consider getting breast implants! I donít think it has ever inhibited my success.


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