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While many men consider Asians to be the most beautiful women on earth, most of them will concede that white caucasian women usually have more spectacular bodies. In that case, how does a 100% natural 37DD-20-33 (95G-52-85 in Japanese metric measurements) figure sound?

Introducing Jun Kusanagi, the video and photo model widely considered to have the best body in Japan, and quite possibly the entire world!

On this site we'll try to keep you informed about all of Jun's new stuff (videos, books, magazine appareances, etc). Unfortunately, we can't do that without your help. Please send us an e-mail if you know something about Jun Kusanagi that isn't mentioned on this site.

Great News and Sad News

Since or last update, the photo shoot we mentioned with Kim Mizuno has resulted in a brand new photo book, Dangerous Curve! The quality of the photography is right up there with Kim's best work, but sadly it is becoming increasingly clear that Jun herself has seen much better days.

Since her retirement from Japanese AV, she has clearly lost a lot of weight. She was always very slim of course, but also very shapely, with a remarkably large bust. She now appears to have lost at least two cup sizes, and what once was very slim is now quite bony. She still has that spectacularly tiny waist of course, but even this doesn't look as remarkable anymore, now that the rest of her is so skinny also.

There has been some speculation that she may be suffering from anorexia nervosa, but at this stage we don't have any clear information as to what may actually be going on. Let's hope she isn't ill or just getting old, and that she can get back to her best shape very soon!

Thanks to every one who has helped us in any way to complete Jun's collection and/or to find out info about her.

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