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Jun Kusanagi has released five hardcover photobooks (shashinshu) in her career. She appeared in her first photobook Queen Bee as Narua Asami then in the Kubire series as Jun Kusanagi. She also put out her 'final' photo book - simply entitled Jun - under this name (however, she has since released another book, Dangerous Curve, also as Jun). She has also made appearances in several various models photo books. Like most Japanese photo books there is hardly any text, and most of that is in both Japanese and English. Each contains roughly one hundred pages, all with photographs (including several double-page spreads). They are roughly A-4 sized, and printed with thick, glossy stock - top quality stuff all round.

Queen Bee

Photographed by Ryoichi Ochiai, was released in August 1997 by Kaiosha.

Queen Bee (photography: Ryoichi Ochiai)


Photographed by Hiroyoshi Saiki, was first released in April 1998 by Eichi Publishing. It was re-released in May 1998 with its present cover.

Kubire (photography: Hiroyoshi Saiki)

Jun holding up a copy of Kubire with the original cover from her appearance on Japanese TV show Gilgamesh Night. Unlike the current cover, this photo also appears in the book.

Kubire 2

Photographed by Shinji Hosono, was released in December 1998 by Eichi Publishing.

Kubire 2 (photography: Shinji Hosono)


Photographed by Shoken Takahashi, was released in August 1999 by Futaba-sha.

Jun (photography: Shoken Takahashi)

Dangerous Curve

Photographed by Kim Mizuno, was released in April 2001 by MZ Productions.

Dangerous Curve (photography: Kim Mizuno)

Nude Miyazawa 2 (various models)

Photographed by Miyazawa Masaaki, was released in October 1998 (publisher's name not translated).

Nude Miyazawa 2 (photography: Miyazawa Masaaki)

Erovogue (various models)

Photographed by Ryosuke Handa, was released in December 1998 by Shinchosha.

Erovogue (photography: Ryosuke Handa)

Chinkame (various models)

Photographed by Keisuke "Ching" Naito, was released in November 2000 by Takarajima-sha.

Chinkame (photography: Keisuke "Ching" Naito)

Venus of the 20th Century (various models)

Photographed by Weekly Playboy, was released in December 2000 by Shueisha.

Venus of the 20th Century (photography: Weekly Playboy)

Info about the books can be found at PhotoGuide Japan.

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