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Sandy Jordan Asian Sirens Hot Spots

Do you know about an interesting link that is worth for Asian Sirens, please send an email to New faces, interesting tidbit(s) from men magazines or just a cool website - everything is appreciated.

Please check out my banners for a reciprocal link to Hot Spots. Obviously I will favour websites that have a link to Asian Sirens :-)

Hot Spots for October 22, 2002

Orchid Lee

Orchid Lee is a real mystery for most fans of Asian Sirens. A beauty that for some reasons isn't discovered yet by the many photographers out there. The only place where you will find photos of her is at her official website Check it out yourself!

Cheryl Stell

She may not be your typical looking southern belle, but she was born and raised in Texas. She still lives there and so does her immediate family. She is (or was) a junior in college, working on her BA in Communications/Media Journalism and minoring in Theater. Cheryl was featured several times in Playboy, most recently on the cover of Playboy Taiwan. Her website looks a little bit out dated but for her fans it doesn't reall matter, is it?

Images from Asia

Mike Ray is one of the earlier fans of Asian Sirens and it was in one of the chats that the name Images from Asia was born for his website (originally Images from Asia was a special section on Asian Sirens). Nowadays Mike is a great photographer that already shot models like Linn Thomas, Yumi Lee, Flo Jalin, Lorabel Rey and many more. A must visit for fans of Asian Sirens!

Emarie & Lorabel Flo Jalin Linn Thomas

Hot Spots for October 11, 2002

Nina Le

Nina Le was born on April 26th, 1983 in Thailand (she must be one of the youngest models featured on Asian Sirens). When she was 7 yrs her family moved to Canada and she started to consider modelling when she was 15 yrs. Her favorite models are Francine Dee and Tila Nguyen and her dream is to become as known as these models. Well perhaps this hot spot will help her to make the next step...

935 Draggers

As long as I can remember has been THE import model website. It's an online magazine dedicated to the import scene covering nationwide race & car show events. Related to is (or, a membership based site containing models in the import industry. Just to mention a few models featured at this site: Cherie Roberts, Felicia Tang, Francine Dee, Kristen Muranaga, Linda Lee, Lorabel Rey, Sunny Leone, Tila Nguyen, and Sasha Singleton. If you haven't seen these sites yet than you have to check it out!

Candace Chou Joyce Lex Wendy Delgado

Hot Spots for October 4, 2002

Yumi Lee

I've seen many model websites but I was totally impressed by the member section of Yumi Lee's website More than 50 photosets and 7 great video clips of this Korean beauty. In addition you will find photo sets of Yumi's babes: Sunny Leone, Francine Dee, Akira, Lexi Lin, Kaila Yu, Aiko Tanaka, and many more.

Yumi was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the US when she was a child. Still have to ask about her modelling career but in some way she reminds me to the young Sung Hi Lee: intelligent and beautiful!

Yumi Lee Yumi Lee & Yumi Lee & Lexi

Hevyn Li

She was born in British Columbia on December 19th, 1980. Her ethnic background is Vietnamese/Chinese and her measurements are 34B-24-35; 5'2" and 105lbs. When I first visited her website I thought that she was just a cute little girl but when I saw some of her photos I knew that she is not only cute but also very naughty. I specially enjoyed her gold plated set and her recent Playin' with Maja set. Definitely a girl to keep an eye on!

Hevyn Li Hevyn Li Hevyn Li & Maja

Packed with beautiful exotic women is one of the best photo sites when it comes to Asian models. Most recently photographer and owner of modFXmodels added photo sets of Lee, Christine Mendoza, and last but not least Francine Dee!

Francine Dee @ Francine Dee @ Francine Dee @

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