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Hot Import Nights Review

By: Kingomiami

Kyleah Belle @ HIN Hot Import Nights, one of the biggest Import car shows made its first appearance in South Florida on Dec. 2. Florida is one of the up and coming regions for the Import Scene and thus HIN came to town. If you don't know what it is all about, HIN is a car show mixed with a club type atmosphere and lots of beautiful women. The most popular models at this show were the ever beautiful Kyleah Belle who was representing and the spokesmodel for Toyo Tires. There were other models there but these two ladies were beautiful and stunning.

There were many people who flew in from California that are regulars to the shows out there and they all said that the California shows tend to be bigger as there are more models and of course the scene is much bigger out there. For this show, I think the promoters did a great job. There were plenty of beautiful cars on display with the owners close by to show off the trophy's they had received next to the cars. There was all sorts of music playing throughout the convention center to keep the mood jumping. But of course the main thing is to see the models. It was too bad there were not more girls there but to see Kyleah Belle and the Toyo Tires girl made it all worthwhile. There were a few other models at the show but these 2 ladies were the fan favorites (and mine too). Both women were very accommodating with taking pictures with fans or just posing in front of cars. They definitely helped to make it an enjoyable experience.

Thanks to the folks at for their hospitality during the show. Special thanks also to for having the contest in which I was one of the winners to get tickets to the show. The show definitely gets a thumbs up from me and has me looking forward to next years show as well as has me wanting to fly to California to attend a show out there.

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