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Sung Hi on cover Playboy's Asian Beauties Playboy's Asian Beauties

It's about time that Playboy came out with an Asian Special Edition. It's not an outstanding issue but definitely a must have for 'die-hard' Asian fans!

For some insight into why so many guys are crazy about Asian women, Playboy gave Sung Hi a call at her home in West Hollywood to get the sexy scoop. "Oh that's an easy question to answer. Anything Asian is hot now. There is a lot more exposure for Asian women, and because of that there is much more general acceptance. Men don't think of Asian women primarily as exotic, they just think of us as beautiful, period. We've always been pretty and really sexy, and now a lot more people are recognizing that."

Asian Beauties is jammed with what Playboy like to think of the best of the East - models who are either Asian or whose family roots are in Asia. And since Asia is such a huge and varied region, the girls inside the issue come from many countries and have many different backgrounds.

Sung Hi Lee

Covergirl Sung Hi Lee (South Korea; Photography: Kim Mizuno) has been on many Special Editions covers and has been one of Playboy's most popular models since 1993. Inside you will find Sung Hi stretching out her slim body into a number of different positions in nine white-draped pics. More info on Sung Hi at The Official Sung Hi Lee Website or at Sung Hi Lee Revealed.

Sung Hi Lee Sung Hi Lee

Natasha Yi

Natasha Yi (South Korea; Photography: Kim Mizuno & Andrew Goldman) has been a sexy Special Editions staple for the past three years. Playboy calls her a cross between Hillary Clinton and Pamela Anderson - beauty and brains. What more can you ask for? More info on Natasha can be found at her official website.

Natasha Yi Natsaha Yi

Asian Playmates

The magazine also features a section with focuses on many of the amazing Asian women who have been crowned Playmates, including Miss August 1864 China Lee, the first ever Asian Playmate, Miss April 1967 Gwen Wong, Miss April 1976 Denise Michele, Miss June 1982, Lourdes Estores, Miss May 1988 Diana Lee, Miss November 1988 Pia Reyes, Miss February 1991 Cristy Thom, Miss June 1992 Angela Melini, Miss September 1992 Morena Corwin, Miss February 1995 Lisa Marie Scott and Miss May 1997 Lynn Thomas.

China Lee Denise Michelle Lynn Thomas


There are a few known models featured in the issue we have seen in previous Special Editions or somewhere else. Most interesting is definitely Francine Dee with her Playboy debut wherein she shows it all as she showers up outside. Other outsiders: Angela Alanis (aka Angel Veil), Tina Le, Taynia Rivers, Thai Anh, Madison Clark, Judie Krant, Tenniel Gacayan, and Genevieve Michelle.

Francine Dee Tina Le

Next Generation

There is an interesting new generation of Asian models at the moment. Some of them we definitely will see in upcomming Special Editions, some of them will disappear with the same speed they stepped into the bizz. Amongst them: Amy Lee Chen (Taiwan), Jeannie Perry (Thailand), Laila Valliappan (Indonesia), Jamelah Asmar (India), Terry Califf (?), Penny Phang (China/Malaysia), Elizabeth Corpuz (?), Remy Remy (Phillipines), Kristine Enrile (Phillipines), and Cheryl Stell (?)

Definitely my top 5 of new Asian models are San San (Vietnam) Susie Lee (Thailand), Kichi Paterno (?), Christy Kim (Korea), and Lorabel Rey (Korea).

San San Susie Lee Kichi Paterno Christy Kim Lorabel Rey


Surprisingly some favorite Asian models like Playmate of the Year 2000 Jodi Ann Paterson, and Import Models Sasha Singleton, Kaila Yu, and Linda O'Neil are not featured in the issue. Perhaps Playboy will keep them for the next Asian Beauties!

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